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Vice Admiral Samardzic visited the 5th contingent in Afghanistan

Vice Admiral Samardzic visited the 5th contingent in Afghanistan
Published date: 31.05.2012 15:16 | Author: mod

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Chief of General Staff of the Montenegrin Armed Forces, Vice Admiral Dragan Samardzic visited 5th contingent of the Army of Montenegro in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan.

On this occasion, Vice Admiral Samardzic visited the contingent members who were engaged in the Regional Command "North" in Mazar e Sharif. Vice Admiral Samardzic met Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Germany General Vieker Volker. During the meeting they discussed the current cooperation between AF of Germany and AF of Montenegro in the ISAF mission, the situation in the Regional Command "North" area of responsibility, and plans for engagement of ISAF troops in the transitional period until 2014.

During the visit, members of the Montenegrin Armed Forces acquinted Vice Admiral Samardzic with the state of the mission and pointed out that all members of the contingent were well, that performed their tasks professionally and that they were extremely satisfied with the current engagement.

Next day of the visit, Vice Admiral Samardzic visited the girls' school "Ghawar Beigun Shad School" in Pol e Khomri and on this occasion presented a donation of computer equipment (10 PCs and one lap top) and 500 packages of school supplies. The donation was presented at a ceremony attended by officials of the province of Baghlan, headed by the Minister of Education, the school management and the PRT commander and his associates. Vice Admiral Samardzic said that one of the main tasks of PRT was improving the conditions of life of Pol e Khomrija population, especially improving the educational system, and stressing that investing in children's education was investment in the future of Afghanistan. On that occasion, the school Manager thanked to Montenegro for sending its support for the second time and asked to consider the possibility that in the future should provide support in order to create better conditions for teaching. In honour of the visiting delegation of Montenegrin students prepared a rich cultural program.

From March 2010 when it sent its first contingent to the ISAF mission, Montenegro increased the contingent for about 25 percent, so instead of 31 members, now contingent sent to the ISAF mission has 39 members. This is an evidence that Montenegro has a serious approach to realisation of international obligations and it shows that it is serious partner. Montenegro is one of more than 50 contributing nations supporting the ISAF mission in Afghanistan.