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Meeting of the North Atlantic Council with Montenegro on reviewing the second Progress Report on Activities under the MAP

Meeting of the North Atlantic Council with Montenegro on reviewing the second Progress Report on Activities under the MAP
Published date: 28.06.2012 14:46 | Author: mod

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Meeting of the North Atlantic Council with Montenegro on reviewing the second Progress Report on Activities under the MAP has been held today in Brussels. The Minister of Defense Professor Milica Pejanovic-Djurisic, PhD and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Milan Rocen, headed the delegation of Montenegro. The meeting was chaired by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Member States discussed the Report on Progress towards Implementing MAP and assessed that Montenegro achieved significant results in all areas covered in the Annual National Programme and encourage it to proceed with further implementation of reforms on the path towards full membership in NATO. In the light of the recent NATO summit in Chicago, Member States have once again reiterated their commitment to an open door policy and the assessment of each country’s candidacy based on individual achievements.

All Member States congratulated the General Affairs Council decision to open negotiations with the EU and stressed the complementarity of European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

In the capacity as a Minister in the MOD, first time addressing to the North Atlantic Council, Prof. Pejanovic-Djurisic, PhD outlined the results achieved in the defense sector and highlighted the way forward priorities. Further implementation of NATO standards, continued participation in NATO, EU and UN operations, the destruction of surplus weapons and ammunition, participation in current and future projects within the concept of "smart defense" and integrated approach to addressing the issue of air and sea control  she finds the most important. In addition, she mentioned that representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Montenegro participate in numerous NATO activities, which significantly contribute to the implementation of Partnership Goals. Defense Minister thanked the Allies on comprehensive support for Montenegro in meeting its obligations under the Membership Action Plan.

In his opening address, Minister Rocen expressed his satisfaction that Montenegro may, shortly after the positive assessment of progress heard at the Summit in Chicago, talk about the results of the implementation of the second Annual National Programme. He appraised as most important and stimulating that progress in all areas of the MAP have been recognized and continued efforts of Montenegro with regard to the integration process, whereby it confirmed the reputation of a reliable partner. Stressing the complementarity of European and Euro-Atlantic integration in areas of importance for NATO, he took the opportunity to express his satisfaction that the EU Member States have recognized the progress of Montenegro and at the yesterday's session of the General Affairs Council at the level of Foreign Ministers of the European Union and approved the start of negotiations with the EU. He appraised that these messages by the EU and NATO, which are the key priorities of Montenegro, would greatly contribute to the efficient implementation of priorities, especially those in the domain of the rule of law. He particularly emphasized that Montenegro was facing demanding times in implementing the commitments. The state would be devoted thereto in the next cycle of the MAP.

Seventeen countries participated in discussion. The active role of Montenegro in the region and globally, engagement in ISAF mission, as well as Montenegrin decision to contribute to the sustainability of Afghan security forces after the 2014th was particularly emphasized by all participants of the meeting. Ministers Pejanović-Djurisic and Rocen then answered the questions raised by Member States in relation to further plans of Montenegro and current processes in the region.

Full support to Montenegro was also expressed during the joint meeting of two ministers with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen