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The NATO Deputy Secretary General Ambassador Alexander Vershbow visited Montenegro

The NATO Deputy Secretary General Ambassador Alexander Vershbow visited Montenegro
Published date: 19.07.2012 14:30 | Author: mod

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Minister of Defence Professor Milica Pejanovic-Đurisic,PhD met today with the NATO Deputy Secretary General Ambassador Alexander Vershbow who is on official visit to Montenegro. 


During the meeting Ambassador Vershbow emphasized significant results that Montenegro has achieved in the Euro-Atlantic integrations, which have also been expressed in the positive message in the final Declaration at the Chicago Summit. Ambassador Vershbow said that Montenegro represents an example of commitment to the Euro-Atlantic and European integrations and that both of those processes are the key for stability and prosperity in the region. He stressed that the Alliance remains open for the enlargement according to the principle of individual achievements of the aspiring countries. Ambassador Vershbow also took notice of the results achieved within the MAP process and assessed activities in the implementation of the Second Montenegrin ANP as very successful, especially those linked to establishing Military-Intelligence affairs, participation in operations and overall Defence System reform. Vershbow pointed out that NATO encourages Montenegro to continue the process of the Euro-Atlantic integrations with the same commitment and dynamic.


Minister Pejanovic-Đurisić informed interlocutor about the activities which are being conducted in the process of further reforms and expressed satisfaction that Montenegrin efforts have been recognized and positively evaluated. Minister of Defense said that she expects NATO to continue supporting Montenegro on its way to fully-fledged membership and that Montenegro will, according to the achieved results, get an invitation to join NATO at the next Summit. Minister Pejanovic-Đurisić also informed Ambassador Vershbow about the future plans, with special reference to the regional initiatives and participation in NATO “Smart Defense” projects.