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Realization of the Kingdom of Denmark's donation

Realization of the Kingdom of Denmark
Published date: 09.10.2012 17:06 | Author: mod

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A representative of the Department for the development and protection of information and communication systems of the Montenegro Ministry of Defence LtC Veseljko Mandic and representative of the Danish Kingdom col Kurt Refsgaard officially released in function first in a series of projects for functioning of the digital radio-relay system, on the location in military airport "Golubovci" - antenna tower that will be the basis for establishing the first radio-relay links to Lovcen, and then to other locations in Montenegro.

Colonel Kurt Refsgaard stressed that Denmark is pleased with the way the Department of Defense and the Army of Montenegro implement projects that are funded by the Danish contribution. He expressed readiness to continue supporting the future of Montenegro on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration.

LtC Mandic expressed gratitude for their continued support provided by the Kingdom of Denmark in the reform of the defense system of Montenegro. It also stressed the importance of building this antenna tower for the functioning of the future of digital radio-relay system through which airport Golubovci will be linked into a joint information-communication system MoD and MAF.