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GEPSUS project presented at the seminar "NATO Info Day"

Published date: 31.01.2013 16:11 | Author: mod

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At seminar “NATO Info Day”, held on the 29th of January at the premises of the Rectorate of the University of Montenegro, GEPSUS Project was presented which the Ministry of Defence of Montenegro realizes since 2010 as an end-user through NATO program for Peace and Security in partnership with the Electrical Engineering Faculty. 

National director of the project for Montenegro prof. Dr Radovan Stojanovic presented the achieved results of the GEPSUS project, which is expected to be finalized by the end of 2013. GEPSUS aims at designing models and creating tools which can be used to prevent possible environmental pollution caused by air pollutants. It is anticipated that the facilities and the equipment that is provided through NATO project can be further utilized and perfected in their domain of functioning, for preventing other disasters. Prof. Dr Stojanovic mentioned that the GEPSUS project will be very useful for Montenegro, both in scientific and functional aspects. Furthermore, prof. Dr Stojanovic noted that the engagement of the Montenegrin Ministry of Defence as a reliable partner is of great importance, ever since the beginning of the project.

As an end-user, aiming for the successful project implementation, Montenegrin Ministry of Defence assigned an object in the Air Forces of Montenegrin Army where the project’s center for simulation will be situated. Center in which the complete software infrastructure will be installed is going to be situated within the Air Forces base where the training and exercise will later be given; first for the member of the Montenegrin Army and afterwards for other institutions responsible for emergency situations. The project will be later realized through educational training of members of Montenegrin Army in cooperation with Montenegrin University so that the Ministry of Defence could work on a constant maintenance and improvement of the Center.

Presentation of the GEPSUS project brought closer positive experiences and ideas for further improvement of Montenegrin protection system.

"NATO Info Day" was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Ministry of Culture and Hydro-meteorological Institute of Montenegro, and had sought to enable the representatives of NATO and reputable experts, who are in their countries involved in the projects financed by NATO science for Peace and Security, to present their scope of work and activities to  the Montenegrin scientific and professional community and indicate the current and future possibilities of development cooperation within the Science for Peace program.

The members of the GEPSUS team from the Ministry of Defence of Montenegro Cpt Igor Buric, Cpt Zelimir Pojužina and adviser Maja Vukovic attended the seminar as well as representatives of the Ministry of Defence -  adviser Biljana Stevanovic Department of NATO and the EU, LTc Veseljko Mandic and Cpt Nikola Martinovic from the Department for the development and protection of information - communication systems.