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Defence Minister Pejanović - Đurišić at NATO Samit in Wales

Defence Minister Pejanović - Đurišić at NATO Samit in Wales
Published date: 04.09.2014 18:00 | Author: mod

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Minister of Defence Milica Pejanović - Đurišić attended the meeting of the North-Atlantic Council at the level of defence ministers aimed at improving interoperability of ISAF Mission and further cooperation and dialogue between NATO and partner states.

In her address, Minister Pejanović - Đurišić commended initiatives of the Alliance aimed at improving the cooperation between the state and NATO, adding that Montenegro is willing to continue its engagement in programmes relevant for modernising the Montenegrin Army and meeting NATO standards.

NATO’s decision on launching focused and intensified dialogue with Montenegro represents recognition to the Government’s efforts towards NATO integration and also encouragement for further implementation of required obligations in order to become NATO full-fledged member, Minister Pejanović - Đurišić stressed. 

Minister Pejanović - Đurišić underlined that Montenegro is committed to the implementation of defence system reforms, adding that intensified activities in this area will be continued in order to continue being a confident partner in building global peace and stability. Euro-Atlantic and European integration of the entire region is crucial for security of the European part of the Mediterranean, she concluded.