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Cooperation in the region is necessary for facing modern threats and challenges

Cooperation in the region is necessary for facing modern threats and challenges
Published date: 14.10.2014 16:07 | Author: mod

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The Comprehensive Regional Ministerial- the CRM is opened today in Budva with the Western Balkans Defence Policy Directors meeting. 

During the meeting of the Western Balkans Defence Policy Directors (WBDPD) there was talk about enhancement of cooperation between regional training centres with the aim of developing regional capacities for peace support operations and crisis management.


National NATO coordinator Nebojsa Kaludjerovic, who addressed the participants in the introductory part, said that integration processes represent the best framework for pursuing comprehensive reforms and the desired living standards and that we are aware that these goals cannot be reached without taking an active role in regional cooperation, developing good neighbourly relations, and considering our policies in a regional context. He emphasized that the decision to launch an intensified and focused dialogue was a clear recognition of the progress Montenegro has achieved in its endeavours to implement reforms. He also said that we will invest additional efforts in order to ensure, through reforms in the four key areas, all that is necessary in order to receive a membership invitation by the end of next year and we believe that this would be important for both the Western Balkans region and NATO’s open-door policy.


Deputy minister for defence policy Ivan Masulovic, PhD said that regional defence cooperation represents an essential need of every single country, not only with the aim of reducing or totally eliminating armed conflicts but also with the aim of a joint response to threats and challenges which are typical for modern world: terrorism, organized crime, natural and man-made disasters, energetic instability, cyber terrorism, etc. I firmly believe that cooperation, as an interactive relation, should be constant of all our relations in every area, especially in the area of defence and security. He emphasized a full dedication of Montenegro to be reliable partner in all initiatives which have the aim to join the capacities in accordance to NATO “smart defence” concept and EU “pooling and sharing” concept.

 Masulovic also emphasized the fact that none of the countries from the region has enough human or material resources for independent response to security challenges and threats, cooperation and usage of common resources is necessary and by our active participation in regional projects we are seeking to strengthen our national capacities in the defence system.

He pointed out the support to BRAAD initiative as well as the support we provide for regional centres. He also mentioned that our Ministry has offered capacities of our Centre for helicopter pilots training to be used by all interested parties.

During the meeting the support to signing Memorandum of understanding between member countries of the U.S. – Adriatic Charter on providing help in emergency situations management, developed by CHoD working group was expressed.

The WBDPD meeting was attended by representatives of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Norway, Slovenia, PSTOC, RCC and UN.