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Pejanović Đurišić: Montenegro as NATO member will be reliable and credible partner to other countries

Pejanović Đurišić: Montenegro as NATO member will be reliable and credible partner to other countries
Published date: 06.05.2016 17:01 | Author: mod

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Minister of Defense prof. Milica Pejanović Đurišić PhD participated on the Forum „To Be Secure“ which is held from 5-7 May in Budva. Speaking in the panel “From Wales to Warsaw: NATO Navigation through turbulent waters of transatlantic security”, Minister pointed out that Montenegro passed very intensive and demanded period of reforms whose successful implementation is crowned with the most significant event until now since the renewal of the statehood – invitation for full-fledged membership in Alliance.

Pejanović Đurišić stated that Montenegro in the phase of conducting the accession negotiations with the Alliance demonstrated its readiness for membership because the negotiations itself are realized without any standstills: “As in the previous phase also this phase of joining NATO we have prepared well and conducted together with our partners. The understanding was mutual. We have shown that Montenegro has the required capacities, recognizes the true values and has sufficient dedication to be credible and reliable partner” said Minister.
In anticipation of the results of the Warsaw’s Summit, Minster Expressed the belief that the Alliance has the necessary “know-how”, adequate cadre, resources, finance and sufficient solidarity between members for responding on actual security challenges: “Bearing in mind the NATO Alliance is significant and recognized international factor it is expected to remain faithful to the strategic concept of collective defense, cooperative security and crisis management and that the presence of Montenegro in this Summit will confirm the effectiveness of the NATO enlargement policy”.
Minister emphasized that Montenegro with its membership at prestigious political –military international organization such as NATO, wants to be contributor, respectively to actively participate and contribute on resolving the security challenges. “ All actual security issues should be viewed also as the opportunity that through establishment of the required balance to come to their resolving especially by enhancing the mechanisms that will prevent the occurrence of crisis and possible conflicts”.
Speaking of the Western Balkans region, the Minister stressed that the progress and achievements of Montenegro in Euro-Atlantic and European integrations are important not only to the citizens of Montenegro, but also the entire region. "Integration processes in the Balkans are a precondition for any further progress and any slowdown in these processes leads to instability in the whole region", said the Minister.
In the panel, in addition to Montenegrin Minister of Defense, participated Ordeta Barbuluši, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania, Igor Crnadak, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Robert Bell, senior civilian representative of Pentagon for Europe and Adviser at the US Mission to NATO.