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Minister Pejanović Đurišić meets with UN top officials

Minister Pejanović Đurišić meets with UN top officials
Published date: 07.06.2016 09:15 | Author: mod

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New York, United Stated of America (7 May 2016) – Minister of Defence Milica Pejanović Đurišić met yesterday with Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Jan Eliasson.

Eliasson stressed the importance of Montenegro's activities on the affirmation of the United Nations' fundamental values, as well as the value of European and Euro-Atlantic community, which resulted in the fact that today Montenegro is recognised as a reliable partner in the establishment of regional cooperation, and thus the quality of cooperation within the wider international community. Stressing the positive role of Montenegro in stabilising the Western Balkans, Eliasson congratulated Montenegro for the invitation to become a new member of the NATO Alliance, as well as for the constant progress in the context of European integration, "which is the best proof that its efforts to strengthen institutions of democratic governance, respecting human rights, transparency, the fight against discrimination and corruption are the right choice and the way of secure future for Montenegro," Eliasson said.

Minister Pejanović Đurišić assessed that the Government of Montenegro and the Ministry of Defence have a constructive role when it comes to the region, and that through various initiatives they are continuously improving cooperation with the countries of the region. The Minister welcomed the efforts of the United Nations, accomplished through a large number of projects, primarily aimed at promoting stability, cooperation and further economic development of the region, "which is certainly the key to success and considerable support to Western Balkan countries on their path towards further reform and democratisation, " Minister Pejanović Đurišić said.

Minister Pejanović Đurišić also met with Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director for Policy and Programme for UN Women Yannick Glemarec. Glemarec welcomed the efforts of the Ministry of Defence in the affirmation of women's participation on positions within the Montenegrin defense system. He pointed out proper understanding of the participation and contribution that women can make in the context of the defense system, and welcomed the progress already made in this area. Minister Pejanović Đurišić informed Mr Glemarec about different activities that Ministry of Defence is taking when it comes to increasing participation of women within the defense sector.

During the meeting with the Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations El Ghassim Wane, the two officials agreed that Montenegro, participating in various international missions, actively and significantly contributes to the prevention of conflicts and to the strengthening of peace in the world.

Ambassador of Montenegro to the United Nations Željko Perović, chief of the Cabinet Sanela Đozgić and military attaché of defense of Montenegro in the United States LTC Velibor Bakrač also attended the meetings.