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Montenegro sends financial and humanitarian aid to Macedonia affected by natural disaster

Montenegro sends financial and humanitarian aid to Macedonia affected by natural disaster

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Podgorica, Montenegro (12 August 2016) – Montenegro allocated hundred thousand euros of financial aid in cash, as well as in-kind and medical humanitarian aid and sanitary and quartermaster means worth hundred thousand euros for the Republic of Macedonia, which was hit by storm and floods last weekend.

Following the decision of the Inner Cabinet of the Government of Montenegro as of 12 August 2016, financial aid in amount of 100,000 EUR was sent to the Macedonian Government from Montenegrin current budget reserve.

According to the address of the Republic of Macedonia and the specification which is made in the cooperation of the competent state authorities of the two countries, the following institutions sent in-kind aid, sanitary and quartermaster means necessary in emergency: the Army of Montenegro, Directorate for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Capital Podgorica. At the invitation of the Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Đukanovic, the aid was allocated by the private companies from all over Montenegro including: "Voli", "LD Gradnja", "Stadion", "Eko Per", "Gorska", "Božja voda" and "Aqua Bianca", as well as "Zetatrans" which offered customs brokerage services in Montenegro.

Humanitarian aid, which was loaded in six trucks, consists, among other things, of 62.9 tons of bottled water, 3,000 cans of food, 50 sets of baby food and diapers, 1,000 liters of disinfectants and 300 packages of detergents, 100 hygiene packages, 20 tents, 1,000 sleeping bags, 2,000 shovels, 100 pickaxes, 5,000 towels, 100 raincoats, 2,000 police backpacks, 50 stretchers for injured persons, 100 pairs of rubber boots and 400 blankets.