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Minister Bošković with US Defence Attaché, Michael Tarquinto

Minister Bošković with US Defence Attaché, Michael Tarquinto
Published date: 11.01.2017 16:00 | Author: mod

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Minister of Defence, Mr. Predrag Bošković, MSc, had a meeting today with the United States of America’s Defence Attache, colonel Michael Tarquinto.

Bošković expressed the assurances that the bilateral cooperation in the area of defence between Montenegro and United States will intensify in 2017, highlighting the importance of the timely ratification of the Protocol on the Accession of Montenegro to NATO in United States. Minister highlighted that Montenegro is content with the ongoing dynamics of the ratification process, taking into account the fact that 19 member states ratified the Protocol. Bošković emphasized that the extensive and high quality cooperation between two countries bases itself on the foundations of the credible partnership which is rightly demonstrated by the wide-ranging projects and realized activities.

Colonel Tarquinto reiterated that United States of America are eager to continue developing the bilateral cooperation. Tarquinto underlined that Ministry of Defence and the Army of Montenegro achieved remarkable and outstanding results in the comprehensive reforms that lead towards the full-pledged NATO membership. Tarquinto emphasized that the Embassy of United States, together with the Office for defence cooperation will continue supporting the modernization and equipping of the Army of Montenegro through available funds for supporting partner countries, including the intensified trainings and education of Montenegrin officers by NATO standards.