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As a future member of NATO Montenegro has for the first time received a package of Goals’ capabilities

As a future member of NATO Montenegro has for the first time received a package of Goals’ capabilities
Published date: 17.01.2017 17:41 | Author: mod

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In order to harmonize the package, the delegation of NATO led by Brigadier General Patrick de Gramont, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Command Transformation of NATO (ACT) visited the Ministry of Defence today. 

Minister of Defence Predrag Boskovic met Brigadier General de Gramont and Paul Savero, Force Planning Director.
General de Gramont pointed out the significant progress that Montenegro has made in reforms of the defense system, as well as its contribution to NATO-led operations which, as he pointed out, allow to successfully assume the obligations of membership.

Minister Boskovic confirmed Montenegro's commitment to the further development of skills in order to continue to contribute to the efforts of the Alliance in the context of collective defense and peacekeeping in the world, and expressed gratitude for the support that the Alliance gives to Montenegro.

NATO delegation, consisting of 16 representatives, conducted expert interviews with delegation of representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Military of Montenegro, headed by the Director General for Defense Policy, Ivan Masulovic, PhD. They discussed about the military capabilities of Montenegro, the contribution to the overall capabilities of the Alliance in the field of collective defense and participation in international operations. One of the topics also covered civilian capabilities for participation in the missions of stabilization and reconstruction in post-conflict areas.
Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior also attended consultations on harmonization of the package of Montenegro’s capabilities’ goals.

The skills’ objectives represent the needs of NATO member states for the development of strength and military capabilities in the framework of the defense planning.

It was concluded that Montenegro, in terms of the achieved level of interoperability, is ready for the upcoming full membership in NATO.