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Representatives of the Ministry of Defence met with the Delegation from American Senate

Representatives of the Ministry of Defence met with the Delegation from American Senate
Published date: 22.02.2017 13:17 | Author: mod

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State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Slobodan Filipović, met today with the Delegation from American Senate led by the representative of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Nicolas Basciano.

State Secretary FIlipović highlighted that the cooperation of Montenegro and United States is comprehensive and of a high quality. Filipović emphasized that the continuous and extensive support of USA, as a main strategic partner, is highly evident from all political addresses. Underlining the importance of Montenegrin membership to NATO, Filipović informed that the Ministry of Defence of Montenegro is satisfied with the dinamics of the ratification process of the Accession Protocol, taking into account that 24 NATO member states already finalized their internal legislative procedures. Filipović expressed belief that in the forthcoming period remaining countries will ratify the Protocol, thus creating preconditions for Montenegro to become a full-pledged NATO member.

On behalf of Defence Policy Directore, Ivan Mašulović, PhD, informed regarding the recent achievements in the filed of Euro-atlantic integrations, emphasizing that the Ministry of Defence is committed to raising standards, by constantly investing in the fields of modernization and education, as well as increasing and synchronizing the levels of interoperability of the Army of Montenegro with partner states. Mašulović additionally informed about the financial allocations in the field of defence, highlighting the fact that the Ministry of Defence diligently works on preparations required within the final stage of Euro-atlantic integrations. Additionally, Mašulović informed regarding the influence of Russian nationalists during the processes of Parliamentary elections in Montenegro last year, which has been confirmed by the Chief Special Prosecutor. Furthermore, he highlighted the prompt reaction of Montenegrin defence system in this field.

On behalf of the Army of Montenegro, Deputy Chief Of Defence, brigadier general Rajko Pešić, informed regarding the current international processes in the Armed Forces, as well as about future steps in the filed of implementation of the Plan of military integration. Additionally, brigadier general Pešić shared the lessons learned through the State Partnership Program of Montenegro and U.S. State of Maine.

Representative of the Senate Select Committee on intelligence Basciano commended the progress Montenegro achieved in Euro-atlantic integrations and expressed his belief that Montenegrin membership to NATO will further enhance regional peace and stability.