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Ivanović at A-5 meeting in Skopje: Montenegro will advocate for the continuation of NATO's open door poli

Ivanović at A-5 meeting in Skopje: Montenegro will advocate for the continuation of NATO
Published date: 27.03.2017 13:29 | Author: mod

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General Director of Defence Policy Directorate Ivica Ivanović, participated today at the Joint Meeting of Political Directors of Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Ministries of Defence of the Member States and observer states of the American - Adriatic Charter (A5), held in Skopje.

The current political and security situation in the region was discussed at the meeting, as well as NATO's open door policy perspective.

Ivanović stressed that Montenegro, as a future NATO member, will strongly advocate the continuation of the implementation of NATO's open door policy, promotion of the Euro-Atlantic aspirations of the regional countries and the support their integration processes.

He stressed that the prerequisite for successful coping with the global security and political challenges is the comprehensive strengthening of the cooperation of the countries in the field of defence.

Ivanović emphasized Montenegro's commitment to improving the common defense capabilities and strengthening mutual trust in the countries in the region through the active participation in all regional initiatives and in realization of joint projects, exercises and trainings.

He stressed that the US - Adriatic Charter, as one of the best examples of political, security and defence cooperation in the region, has significantly contributed to the promotion of the countries of the region as well as international peace and security. Ivanović added that the focus of future joint projects should be to strengthen the interoperability of the armed forces of the region according to the NATO standards.