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Bošković with Admiral Michelle Howard: Support of the Joint Forces Command in Naples significant for Montenegro

Bošković with Admiral Michelle Howard: Support of the Joint Forces Command in Naples significant for Montenegro
Published date: 11.04.2017 15:33 | Author: mod

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Delegation of NATO Joint Forces Command in Naples (JFC), led by the commander, admiral Mrs. Michelle Howard, paid a visit to the Ministry of Defence today.

Minister of Defence, Mr. Predrag Bošković thanked the Admiral Howard on intensive support of the Command in Naples to our country in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration, and informed the Admiral about the so far reform process, which will soon result with full-fledged membership of Montenegro in NATO. Minister particularly pointed out the importance of support of the Command which primarily relates to the expert staff meetings (ESM) and training for the Montenegrin Armed Forces conducted by mobile training teams (MTT).

"Membership in NATO is a privilege to Montenegro. But it is also an additional task to continue with strengthening the capabilites to adequately respond to the challenges ahead, to participate in the decision making process and implementation of joint decisions, as well as to promote democratic principles and values of the Alliance "said Minister Bošković.

Admiral Howard praised the final phase of the process of Protocol on the accession ratification, stating that it is the best confirmation of successfully implemented reforms in Montenegro. The Admiral also commended the contribution made by the Ministry of Defence and the Army of Montenegro, provided by sending members to positions within the Command. She particularly pointed out the efforts and positive results in the implementation of UNSC Resolution 1325 on achieving gender equality and the advancement of women in the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces of Montenegro.

Minister Bošković and Admiral Howard stated that Montenegro's full-fledged membership will bring a credible partner to the Alliance, who will guarantee stability and security in the Western Balkans. Speakers stressed the importance of regional cooperation, saying that the only way to preserve peace and stability in the region is through joint efforts and integration.

Recognizing strategic importance of the Command in Naples, Ministry of Defence sends Montenegrin officers to the positions in the Command in Naples on a regualarly basis since 2009.

Admiral Howard is the third commander of JFC Naples who visited Montenegro and the Ministry of Defence.