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Bošković – Katič: Excellent cooperation between Montenegro and the Republic of Slovenia in the field of defence

Bošković – Katič: Excellent cooperation between Montenegro and the Republic of Slovenia in the field of defence
Published date: 11.05.2017 14:49 | Author: mod

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Minister of defence of Montenegro, Mr. Predrag Bošković, had a meeting today with the Minister of defence of the Republic of Slovenia, Mrs. Andreja Katič, who paid an official visit to Montenegro.

Mr. Bošković emphasized that Montenegro and Slovenia have established an excellent cooperation within the area of defence, bearing in mind mutual confidence the two countries established. He expressed his gratitude for the support that Slovenia provided to Montenegro, within the area of implementing reforms in the Euro-Atlantic integrations processes.

Mr. Bošković highlighted the importance of the upcoming NATO membership for establishing long-term stability within the region, pointing out that Montenegro, as the credible and reliable partner, will continue promoting values of the Alliance, as well as contributing to the Allies’ efforts made in achieving international peace and security. “Now, when we are sitting at the same table in the North Atlantic Alliance, we want to contribute to the Western Balkans region, making it be the region of cooperation, coexistence, and peace, not the region of problems and instability”.

Mrs. Katič emphasized that the overall progress of Montenegro, in the area of Euro-Atlantic integrations, has been recognized by the Allies and partner countries, and she expressed her congratulations to Mr. Bošković on the success which has resulted in obtaining upcoming status of the 29th NATO member. She expressed the readiness of the Republic of Slovenia for intensifying defence cooperation with Montenegro, as an allies within NATO. She also pointed out the importance of economic collaboration within the field of military industry, by joining capacities of the two Armed Forces.

Interlocutors agreed that current political and security situation in the region requires close cooperation, trough exchanging expert experiences, as well as expressed their intention to continue promoting NATO open door policy.