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Bošković – Hoyt Yee: Montenegro's membership in NATO contributes to the long term stability in the region

Bošković – Hoyt Yee: Montenegro
Published date: 12.05.2017 20:25 | Author: mod

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Minister of Defence, Predrag Bošković, MSc, met today in Budva with the Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, Mr. Hoyt Brian Yee and Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia, Ms. Laura Cooper, on the margins of the 7th 2BS Forum.

Minister Bošković emphasized the importance of the bilateral cooperation in the field of defence with United States of America, as a main strategic partner of Montenegro, as well as expressed his gratitude for the comprehensive and continuous support which USA presents to Montenegro in the field of Euro-Atlantic integrations. Bearing in mind the current politico-security challenges prominent in the Western Balkans, Bošković reiterated that the full-fledged integration of Montenegro in the Alliance will greatly contribute to establishing and securing the long-term peace and safety in the region. Minister Bošković highlighted the readiness of Montenegro to adequately contribute to overall efforts of NATO allies in countering contemporary international security challenges, as well as activities that aim to deter the negative foreign influence.

Deputy Assistant Secretary Hoyt Yee expressed contentment with the finalization of the process of ratification of the Protocol on the Accession of Montenegro to NATO, emphasizing that USA regard Montenegro as a credible and reliable ally. Mr. Yee stressed the importance of the role of the Army of Montenegro in the domain of projecting stability, in terms of participating in the international missions.

Ms. Cooper rated the bilateral cooperation in the field of defence as reliable and of a high quality, while expressing the readiness of the USA to additionally enhance collaboration in the forthcoming period.

On this occasion, Ms. Cooper, acting on behalf of the United States Department of Defense, awarded Lieutenant Colonel Velibor Bakrač, Head of International Cooperation Department, the Legion of Merit, for outstanding contribution to overall enhancement of bilateral cooperation of USA and Montenegro. This achievement additionally validates the overall friendly relations of two countries.