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Bošković - Mattern: NATO membership of Montenegro will have positive impact on the region

Bošković - Mattern: NATO membership of Montenegro will have positive impact on the region
Published date: 24.05.2017 12:53 | Author: mod

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At the today's meeting of the Minister of Defence, Mr. Predrag Bošković with the Ambassador of FR Germany in Montenegro, Hans Günther Mattern, it was pointed out that Montenegro's commitment to democratic values and good neighborly relations is essential for maintaining peace and stability in this part of Europe.

Bošković and Mattern have, in the Ministry of Defence, also discussed the future cooperation of Germany and Montenegro, as a full-fledged NATO member.

Bošković emphasized the importance of excellent Montenegrin-German relations during the process of Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro, especially pointing out the importance of a strong support of Germany to reforms of the defence system of our country. The minister stressed the importance of completing the process of ratification of the NATO Accession Protocol of Montenegro by all members of the Alliance. He added that Montenegro is continuously preparing for the new responsibilities and tasks, that will result from NATO membership, so that it would together with allies equally respond to all security challenges.

Ambassador Mattern stated that Montenegro, during the process of Euro-Atlantic integration, has proven itself as a reliable partner and that, throughout its commitment and successful reforms of the defence sector, it undoubtedly deserved membership in the Alliance. He added that by its membership to NATO, Montenegro will to contribute to peace and stability in the Western Balkans and Europe as a whole.

They also discussed about the long-standing joint involvement, firstly in the ISAF mission, and then in the mission Resolute Support, which contributed to the development of a high degree of confidence between the two countries, as well as to the projection of stability in a turbulent Afghanistan.