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PM Marković pays visit to “Milovan Šaranović” barracks: You, officers, are first to open NATO’s door for your country

PM Marković pays visit to “Milovan Šaranović” barracks: You, officers, are first to open NATO’s door for your country
Published date: 14.06.2017 10:16 | Author: PR Service

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PR Service

Podgorica, Montenegro (14 June 2017) -- Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković congratulated the officers, NCOs and soldiers of the Army of Montenegro on our country’s membership in NATO, saying that it was the Army of Montenegro that made a huge contribution to achieving this strategic national objective.

“Back in March 2010, our troops first went to the peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan, under the auspices of NATO forces. It was a clear sign that the allies highly appreciate the readiness, the level of training and determination of the Montenegrin army and thus an unambiguous message was sent: when Montenegrin society as a whole is ready to meet the high standards, as members of the military were already ready – Montenegro will get a place in the company of the most powerful states today. So, you are the first to open the door of the Alliance for your country,” Prime Minister Duško Marković said this morning in the “Milovan Šaranović” in Danilovgrad.

The Prime Minister said that the effort was worth the results, because Montenegro permanently ensured its independence, peace and stability for its citizens and all the assumptions to direct the entire social energy towards economic progress and creation of conditions for better life of citizens.

The Prime Minister pointed out that every fourth member of the Army of Montenegro spent some time in one of the international missions and operations, adding that it is a valuable experience for our Army.

“This is a fact that very few of allies can be proud of. A strong army does not only depend on its size, but also on the readiness of its members to perform the tasks professionally and in accordance with the highest standards and military doctrines,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that it will be so in the future, that members of the Army of Montenegro will defend the name of their country now in the capacity as a full Alliance member.

“Let it be a stimulus to you in this honorable task the fact that members of the Montenegrin army took part in international peacekeeping missions 120 years before, on the island of Crete! Always on the side of freedom, always on the side of vulnerable, always ready to protect the peace – this is the guiding principle embedded in Montenegrin soldier being,” the Prime Minister highlighted.