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Excellent cooperation between Montenegro and Romania in the field of defence

Excellent cooperation between Montenegro and Romania in the field of defence
Published date: 14.07.2017 12:46 | Author: mod

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Montenegro's Minister of Defence, Predrag Bošković, is in his first official visit to Romania, during which he met with newly-appointed Defence Minister, Adrian Tutuianu and State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Bilateral and Strategic Affairs in the Euro-Atlantic Region, George Ciamba.

The official visit of the Ministry of Defence of Montenegro is being realized during the very important exercise SABER GUARDIAN 2017, with the participation of the Armed Forces of Montenegro, at the infantry level, which is also the first participation of the Armed Forces of Montenegro in NATO exercises as a member. On this occasion, a delegation of the Ministry of Defence of Montenegro, led by the Minister, will attend the Distinguished Visitor’s Day tomorrow.

During his meeting with his Romanian colleague, Minister Bošković stressed that Montenegro and Romania have excellent cooperation in the field of defence, and that the meeting is an excellent opportunity for determining concrete directions for further improvement of cooperation, especially bearing in mind the important geostrategic positions of our countries. He thanked Romania for the continuing support to the Euro-Atlantic process of Montenegro and stressed Montenegro's readiness to contribute to the NATO's open door policy. At the meeting of Minister 

Bošković and Secretary Ciamba, the current security challenges, both in the Balkans and in the Black Sea region were discussed.

Minister Tutuianu expressed satisfaction with the meeting and said that he firmly believes that Montenegro's membership in NATO will positively affect the security situation in the region, and that this meeting will represent the beginning of joint security projects.

In the further course of the discussion, the topics on the security situation in the Black Sea and the Western Balkans region, as well as contemporary security challenges were discussed.

Ministers emphasized the importance of regional stability in securing long-term peace in Europe and expressed the common view that the integration of the countries of the region into NATO and the EU is the key to achieving this goal.