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Published date: 16.09.2019 10:09 | Author: mod

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From 16th  to 27th  September 2019 the Republic of Montenegro will host the third multinational exercise COMMON CHALLENGE 2019” in the area of the municipality Kolasin in the new  Regional Mountain Walfare Filed Training Center Lipovo. Over 300 participants from Armed Forces of Austria, North Macedonia,  Italy,  Montenegro, and from  the NATO  Mountain Warfare Center of Excellence (SLO), as well as observers from US national guard will take part.
The exercise “Common Challenge 2019“ is a multinational company sized invitation NATO/PfP Field Training Exercise based on an imaginary scenario of the NATO-led, UN-mandated Crisis Response Operation/Peace Support Operation  (CRO/PSO).
The purpose of the Exercise is to train units and battalion staff in efficient multinational execution of PSO/CRO  in mountainous environment ensuring effective future mission accomplishment.
The aim of the Exercise is to continue and improve training and capabilities of the Mountain Forces staff and units, introducing multinational Mountain Warfare relevant force multipliers, facilitating future deployments in NATO-led, UN-mandated joint international CRO/PSO.
The end of the Exercise (ENDEX) will be highlighted by a visitors day (DVD) for the visitors of the  ministry of defense (MOD) and chief of staff (CHOD) level,  hosting  representatives of all participating nations. A capability, weapons and equipment display of the multinational Mountain Warfare Company will demonstrate the common achievement during the exercise.