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Minister Bošković for the Radio Television of Montenegro: We can win this only if we work together

Minister Bošković for the Radio Television of Montenegro: We can win this only if we work together
Published date: 23.03.2020 08:42 | Author: Public Relations Bureau

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Minister of Defence, Predrag Bošković, in the morning show of the Radio Television of Montenegro, invited all the citizens to follow the recommendations of the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases. He said that there were many cases where citizens disregarded recommendations, and that field services were trying to prevent them.

“Obviously, people didn’t take this situation seriously enough, and they perceived quarantines as places for socializing, and not for keeping social distance. I think that now people became more serious, because they realized that disregarding recommendations implies longer staying in quarantines”, minister Bošković said and added that the Armed Forces of Montenegro stays on disposal for citizens and the state.

“Depending on needs, day by day, number of soldiers on the field changes. Last night two new quarantines were opened: former hotel “Metalurg” in Herceg Novi, and rooms of the “Red Cross” in Sutomore”. Minister Bošković stated and emphasized that the discipline of citizens was the most important. “The greater discipline is, there will be no need for introducing more rigorous measures. Last night, we introduced measures for religious communities because they were not respecting measures of the National Coordination Body.”

Minister points out that the state made a good plan and reacted timely compared to many other countries in the region and beyond.

“However, some of them do not perceive this as extremely difficult and dangerous situation. That’s why there were more than 1300 people in religious gatherings, at communion with the same spoon. That could be really dangerous source of contagion, which could destroy all the good that we have done”, minister said and he pointed out that we can win only if we work together.

“I consider these measures sufficient for countering the epidemic. Off course, under condition that we all follow the recommendations of the National Coordination Body. We will follow the situation. Enough rigorous measures have been undertaken. We put the health above the economy and all the other, and we practically stopped life in Montenegro in order to save lives”, minister Bošković concluded.