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The Armed Forces of Montenegro decontaminated the Airport of Podgorica

The Armed Forces of Montenegro decontaminated the Airport of Podgorica
Published date: 21.03.2020 08:45 | Author: Public Relations Bureau

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“Members of the Armed Forces of Montenegro executed the decontamination of the Airport in Podgorica tonight, after completion of flights and passage of our citizens who have been transported from abroad”, representative of CBRN Defence in the Armed Forces, captain Branimir Vulević said.

As Vulević emphasized, in order to counter spread of disease caused by the virus Covid 19, the Armed Forces, besides other activities, made its capacities available to the Operational Headquarters for return of Montenegrin citizens from abroad.

“The service of CBRN Defence is involved in biological decontamination of people, means of transport, equipment, public areas and facilities”, he explained.

Vulević pointed out that more than 70 means of transport (busses, vans, cars and helicopters) passed through 3 stationary stations for decontamination in barracks in Danilovgrad and Nikšić, as well as the one placed near the Institute “Simo Milošević” in Igalo.

“The Armed Forces of Montenegro provides protection equipment for the pilots and drivers who are being involved in transporting Montenegrin citizens from abroad, as well as for other institutions, on demand, in accordance with the instructions of the Operational Headquarters”, Vulević emphasized.