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Minister Bošković met with Lieutenant General Veličkovski

Minister Bošković met with Lieutenant General Veličkovski
Published date: 05.07.2017 11:49 | Author: mod

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Defence Minister Predrag Bošković met today with the Chief of General Staff of Army of the Republic of Macedonia, Lieutenant General Metodija Veličkovski, who is in a visit to Montenegro as part of the Distinguished Visitor’s Day on the occasion of the realization of the international exercise "Common Challenge 17".

Minister Bošković thanked Lieutenant General Veličkovski for his visit and at the very beginning emphasized the very content and quality cooperation between Montenegro and the Republic of Macedonia. He emphasized the importance of joint training, participation in international missions and operations, as well as committed cooperation in the field . Minister Bošković especially emphasized the support of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Macedonia in the field of education of Montenegrin cadets at the Military Academy "General Mihailo Apostolski". Also, the Minister took the opportunity to inform the interlocutor of the current priorities of the Montenegrin Army in the field of aerospace, equipping and modernization, as well as on the future steps that Montenegro as the 29th member state of NATO should accomplish.

Lieutenant General Veličkovski used the opportunity to congratulate on the exceptional success in achieving one of Montenegro's most prior foreign policy goals, stressing that the experience gained by Montenegro in this process is of great importance to Macedonia towards its European integration path. He also stressed the importance of good neighbourly relations and continued bilateral cooperation in the field of defence.

Minister Bošković and Lieutenant General Veličkovski agreed that cooperation in the field of defence should be more intensive and more content in the future, and that a positive continuity in the implementation of joint activities should continue as a good and successful example of joint cooperation between the two countries.